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Will Jack Kenright walk into Eric Baker's Trap?

Jack Kenright is running out of time. But he has a plan to solve the looming liquidity crisis.

Little does he know; Eric Baker has a plan too. A plan so treacherous, Jack could be eliminated or ruined financially.

If he takes the only option he can see, will he walk headlong into Baker’s trap?

On a dark frosty morning, Jack doesn’t have time to insert the key into the ignition before he is staring down the barrel of a Beretta 92 handgun.

Is he about to become a pawn in a plot to divert the attention of law enforcement from Eric Baker and the international art swindle he is embroiled in?

Jack helped Baker negotiate the deal with Network. Will it prove to be his biggest mistake?

There is too much at stake.

And just when it looks like ending, the parties begin a game of chess that feels more like Russian Roulette.

Don't miss this thrilling series.

by James King

Genre: Literary Fiction Psychological Thriller - Novel

Amazon: Released on September 10th 2021

Literary Fiction Psychological Thriller Launch

1st October 2021 is Amazon's release date for the Kindle version of tBook 3 in The Kenright Chronicles series. The Paperback version of the thriller was published on the 26th of September 2021.

What the Author says

As I said in the previous post about Picton Street, I am sometimes lucky enough to find a moving story to write. The times when creativity takes control and the story almost writes itself. The characters become the story and the writer has little control, as they take him on their journey to observe and record the events. This is what happened, and Picton Street, Enemies of Justice and Whistle Blower are the result.

Into the meat of the series

As in the case of Picton Street, I never tired of reading, editing and re-reading and polishing Enemies of Justice. But it was this book that pulled me further into the life and adventures of Jack Kenright. Just as Eric Baker uses Jack and suckers him into a place where he becomes vulnerable to the international criminal underworld. The story gripped me so much I had to keep writing to find out what would happen.

I hope it has the same effect on you.

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What readers said about Picton Street, that inspired me to publish Enemies of Justice early.

Well-paced character driven story.
A page turner
Will Daisy return? Will she ever reveal why she left what has happened since? The end of the story is another little twist.
Drama, life changes, surprises, disappointment, pride, and happiness.It definitely has me emotionally invested!
...a page-turner. Great character building and an even better plot.
Eagerly waiting for the next book.


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