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in this section of the book library you will find stand-alone short fiction and non-fiction. Some books listed here may not be published. All of those books are FREE and can be downloaded by clicking on the button next to the book.

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A Short Story

Suicide or Murder –A Childs Life hangs in the Balance - The Verdict Uncertain

A psychological thriller – Short Story - that will change the way you look at humankind.


It’s 2021 and the world is paralysed by Covid-19. The invisible microscopic organism looks on, astonished at Man’s inability to solve his problems. Despite the warnings and having all the resources available to do so, humans run in circles desperate to escape the clutches of an invisible enemy.

Commissaire Pascal de Gaulle is focused on other pressing matters, when a man falls to his death in the centre of Paris, carrying a secret. De Gaulle discovers the Drug Squad, a syndicate of drug traffickers, and the virus itself are all part of the puzzle he must solve. Is it suicide or is it murder? And how will he save his orphaned godchild from leukemia?

Do not read Invisible Enemy if you don’t like puzzles.

But if you are a Dan Brown fan or you like  Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train - you will love this nail-biter.


An Essay

A visit to the mystical ancient ruins of Angkor inspired me to write this little book


Almost half a century after the Khmer Rouge murdered two million Cambodian citizens, Cambodia’s Supreme Court ruled to disband the CNRP (Cambodia National Rescue Party). In so doing, it effectively removed any opposition to the ruling Cambodian People’s Party. As a result, Cambodia’s future for peace and democracy looks bleak once more. The decision makes me wonder if I will ever see the magnificent monuments to the ancient civilisation of Angkor again. It begs the question – Where is Cambodia Heading?


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A Collection of Flash Fiction, Poems and Quotes

I produced this little book of flash fiction stories, poems and quotes, to introduce readers to me and my writing. I hope you enjoy it. If you do, you may like to grab some of my other FREE books and hopefully my novels.  


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