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The Kenright Chronicles is a literary psychological thriller series, set in England, The Mediterranean, South Africa and Cambodia. Jack Kenright, a young investment banker in the City of London gets mixed up in an international art swindle. which cripples his business and threatens his life and his family. He ends up a recluse, working for the FBI undercover and exposes massive corruption in the gambling world, perpetrated by the Russian Mafia in Africa. If I tell you any more you won't want to read it.

Fans of Paula Hawkins and Karin Slaughter will enjoy this psychological thriller series.

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Prequel - Short Story

Victorian austerity – Fear of God – Lack of ambition – Something has to change.

A prequel to the gripping psychological thriller series The Kenright Chronicles, JACK is based on a true-life experience.

Book 1  introduces Jack Kenright and is a revealing insight into the central character in a roller-coaster series.

A story of human courage, in the face of deceit, subterfuge, international crime, and manipulation.

An only child, Jack is also a choirboy and an altar boy. But what will eight years of daily beatings and brainwashing turn a bright student into? And how long will it be before he questions God’s existence?

He loves his parents, his only family. But the world is modernising after WWII, and rationing is ending. When you are closeted in a place a hundred years behind the times, you are bound to revolt at some point.

But will it be too late for Jack. Will he keep on heading in the wrong direction, or will he awaken before it is too late?

Could this be the last company party he attends? And will the castle in the sky be the catalyst that sets him free? Will it put him on a new path leading to danger and the mind-blowing world of international crime? Or will he stay put?

What Readers say:

  • Highly recommended.

  • "Jack" drew me straight away.

  • Captivating - This imaginative short story will launch you headlong into the roller-coaster life of Jack Kenright.

  • What path will he decide to take? I am eager to discover what he plans to do next.

Fans of Paula Hawkins and Karin Slaughter will enjoy this moving psychological thriller series.


A Novel


An unsolved mystery – A chance meeting – An orphan comes home.

After a winter of discontent gives birth to a summer of love, how many years will it take Jack Kenright to solve the mystery.

It’s the autumn of 1975 as Jack Kenright sets out on his evening walk. A cold and hungry girl huddles on a park bench, as an angry storm brews in the hills. Jack feeds and takes care of her for two days, then she mysteriously disappears. Will his search for her be in vain? It seems so, until nine months later a letter with no contact details arrives from Daisy. She must be alive, but can Jack find her?

A successful banking career in the City of London gives him the opportunity to start his own business in his hometown, Bristol. It flourishes until changes in the law lead to a serious error of judgement and conflict with his biggest client.

Manipulated and sucked into a criminal underworld, his life is threatened, his business and future in jeopardy.

After eighteen years Jack discovers why he never found Daisy – will the revelation change his life? 



A Novel

A Crisis of Liquidity–Held-up at Daybreak–A Pawn in a Conspiracy–And too Much at Stake

Jack Kenright is running out of time. But he has a plan to solve the looming liquidity crisis.

Little does he know; Eric Baker has a plan too. A plan so treacherous, Jack could be eliminated or ruined financially. If he takes the only option he can see, will he walk headlong into Baker’s trap?

On a dark frosty morning, Jack doesn’t have time to insert the key into the ignition before he is staring down the barrel of a Beretta 92 handgun.

Is he about to become a pawn in a plot to divert the attention of law enforcement from Eric Baker and the international art swindle he is embroiled in? Jack helped Baker negotiate the deal with Network. Will it prove to be his biggest mistake?

There is too much at stake. And just when it looks like ending, the parties begin a game of chess that feels more like Russian Roulette.

Will Jack escape Baker’s strangle-hold?   

Fans of Paula Hawkins and Karin Slaughter will love this book.




A Novel

He copped a plea – now he’s learning inside – the vendetta won’t stop – will his bizarre plan work?

The judge strikes the prosecutor’s falsehood from the record. But he can’t erase it from his memory. Jack’s fate is sealed. His temporary life brings unexpected rewards, a different perspective on life, and knowledge that can’t be found elsewhere. As Eric Baker’s vendetta continues, his daughter Alex is in danger. When Jack begins an exhaustive investigation, he discovers he is embroiled in the art swindle masterminded by a massive criminal organisation. With his troubles far from over he engineers a bizarre plan to protect his daughter and rid himself of Eric Baker for good.


Will he succeed?


A Novel

The FBI deals – Jack is the prime murder suspect – The art swindle collapses – But will the crime empire fall?

Phase two of the masterplan is in play and Jack’s partner Stuart Jeffries strikes a deal with the FBI. A murder is dressed up to implicate Jack. It looks like a cult killing or a botched job. But is it something more sinister? A whole host of corrupt officials and hardened criminals scatter as the international legal net tightens. Two wanted men vanish. One is presumed dead, the other a criminal mastermind on the run. The hunt for the Bella Rosa is on, across three oceans. Will they find it, and will Network survive?


Fans of John Grisham will love this novel.

Target release - February 2023
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