If you enjoyed one of James King’s books and would like to help others enjoy it too, you can leave a review.



Book reviews are critically important. Like me, you are probably influenced in some way by reviews when deciding whether to try a new author or not. Most readers are. Apart from helping people find the book, reviews help drive sales, which encourages Amazon to promote the book, thus helping both author and reader. And no-one promotes books better than Amazon.  The review need only be a line or two, but it makes a massive difference, and I would appreciate it if you could help others by taking a few minutes of your time.



Read the book in your own time and leave an honest review, by following the instructions below. Then, when the book is published, post your review on the book’s Amazon page (or Goodreads if you don’t qualify for Amazon).


Follow these instructions and you can’t go wrong. (If you have a technical problem, email me and I’ll sort it out.)

  • Write your review in Word or a text editor of your choice first, so you can copy and paste it when you are ready.

  • Go to my author page where you’ll see all my published books listed.

  • Click on the cover of the book you want to review, and it will take you to the book’s page.

  • Scroll down until you see ‘Review this product’ (on the left). Click on ‘Write a customer review’ and follow the instructions.


Amazon change the rules from time to time. If they don’t let you leave a review, don’t worry. Go to Goodreads.


  • Write your review in Word or a text editor of your choice first, so you can copy and paste it when you are ready.

  • If you aren’t signed up, go to and do so.

  • Then search for – the title of the book you want to review – James King.

  • When the book’s page appears, scroll down till you see – Write a review – Click and follow the instructions.


Goodreads is owned by Amazon, but they won’t stop you!

If you don’t want to leave a review, another way to help readers find the book is by sharing the book’s page link or James’ author page with friends and on social media.

You can do both or neither.

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