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A Story that will pull you into the series

After a winter of discontent gives birth to a summer of love, how many years will it take Jack Kenright to solve the mystery.

It’s the autumn of 1975 as Jack Kenright sets out on his evening walk. A cold and hungry girl huddles on a park bench, as an angry storm brews in the hills. Jack feeds and takes care of her for two days, then she mysteriously disappears.

Will his search for her be in vain? It seems so, until nine months later a letter with no contact details arrives from Daisy. She must be alive, but can Jack find her?

Picton Street

by James King

Genre: Literary Fiction Thriller - Novel

Amazon: Released on September 10th 2021

Literary Fiction Thriller

On 10th September, the Kindle version of the first novel in The Kenright Chronicles series - Picton Street – was released by Amazon. The Paperback version of the thriller was released two weeks earlier when early reviews started to appear on first Goodreads, then Amazon.

What the Author says

Sometimes I am lucky enough to find a moving story to write. The times when creativity takes control and the story almost writes itself. The characters become the story and the writer has little control, as they take him on their journey to observe and record the events. This is what happened, and Picton Street, Enemies of Justice and Whistle Blower are the result.

The Process

I didn't count the number of drafts the book demanded. It is not important, but it was probably ten to fifteen, and it can be tedious at times. But in the case of Picton Street, I never tired of reading, editing and re-reading and polishing the manuscript. Even when I finally let it fly and read it for the last time, I was still emotionally involved.

I hope it does the same for you.

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What readers are saying, inspiring me to write on

Well-paced character driven story.
A page turner
Will Daisy return? Will she ever reveal why she left what has happened since? The end of the story is another little twist.
Drama, life changes, surprises, disappointment, pride, and happiness.It definitely has me emotionally invested!
...a page-turner. Great character building and an even better plot.
Eagerly waiting for the next book.


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