If you like thought-provoking drama, romantic tragedies, and damaged characters, then you’ll love the tropical sauna and wry humour of POST- IT NOTES and the other books in the series. Starved of love and affection for far too long, it was now coming at Alfie from all sides. When you are led to the well after a long drought, the temptation to drink the well dry is powerful. Alfie's adventures hot up, as a conniving Mother and her wicked daughters, plot his downfall. The dangers are exacerbated by crooked builders, and rogue property traders, exposing him to a hair-raising ride through Thailand. There are shades of David Copperfield just when he thinks he's landed safely...

Fans of Melinda Leigh and Kendra Ellitott will enjoy this gripping saga.

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A Short Story

A quiet Sunday. a vicious assault. One man's resurrection is another's good luck


When Alfie sets out on his morning cycle ride, the last thing he expects is to be the only witness to attempted murder. The perpetrator of the crime is the only person who knows Alfie has seen him at the scene. And Alfie is easy to find. Scared out of his wits, he keeps his head down and waits, as a weird sequence of events unfolds.


Suspenseful and gripping, the short story has a flavour of the series, and gives you a taste for ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND.


You’ll want to read all the books.





A Novel


The financial crash of 2008, plus a new woman, make for a potent Molotov cocktail.


As if escape from a disastrous marriage wasn’t enough, Alfie jumps straight back into the fire.

Driven to a place where no one knows him, the road to rebuilding his life is littered with potholes.

Post-it notes stuck on the fridge door are constant reminders of a period Alfie wants to forget. But he can’t resist a challenge, even if it has the potential to destroy him. Has Alfie taken on more than he can handle? Only time will tell.

Post it Notes is the first novel in the ‘Alfie Goes to Thailand’ trilogy. If you like thought-provoking drama, suspense, and damaged characters, you’ll love this series.






A world in chaos. A fanciful dream. Split allegiance could lead to disaster.


When the World’s banking system collapses, everyone is hurting. The headless chicken doesn’t know which way to turn, while the wily fox sees the opportunity. Alfie's outrageous dream of a futuristic transportation system is the spark that ignites his fuse, and he acts. As he leads his team through desperate times, he streamlines the company by slashing overheads and retrenching staff. In three short months he turns it round. But little does he know the challenge that faces him in Thailand is much greater. And he may not make it with his sanity intact.

Skytube is a short story that links the first two novels in the trilogy
- Post-it Notes and House of Vipers -


A Novel


A daughter’s loyalty. An evil plot. A mother’s cruelty brings the family down.


Alfie struggles to deal with the whirlwind of horrors which unfold chapter after chapter in the second novel of the series.

In the poor, hot and dusty North-East of Thailand Alfie Mynn, a South African businessman, has all but finished building a house for his partner Nin. But will her mother’s evil plot bring the family down. Can Mother use her daughter’s misplaced loyalty and the law, to ruin Nin and Alfie? The worst and the best elements of the human condition are reflected in the characters.

Can Alfie save himself or is it too late?





He’d heard of abusive relationships. But never expected this. It was a narrow squeak.

Alfie’s mood is black, bordering on suicidal. He’s never been treated with such disrespect. A less balanced person would have fled the country. Riddled with bitterness and memories of the empty wine bottles, visions of the post-it-notes on the fridge door, come rushing back. Dazed and confused, he fears for his sanity. He must get away from Nin and away from himself.

So, he plans a journey of recovery by discovery, that will take him to new parts of Thailand.

Will he see things clearer when makes his escape? How long will it take? Will he recover?



A Novel

Words cut like a sushi knife. And sticks and stones don’t break his bones.  But can he survive the heat?

Like a butterfly, Alfie finds himself, fragile and delicate, flitting around, looking for a soft place to land and settle down. The constant nightmares have become real, and now the ghost of Nin is haunting him.

A deep sadness washes over him, and with a heart heavier than the leaden skies that came with the day, he takes the decision. He will not give up on Thailand. He will go on a journey of recovery. A journey that leaves him with no options.

He buckles up and drives away, with no plan, just an open heart and an empty mind, a man with no identity other than for official purposes.

Just when he thinks he has succeeded, and his journey is over, a shocking event and a quirk of fate take him to a place he could never have imagined existed.

Will he recover, or he will end up as another statistic of abuse?


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