• James King

This riveting Legal Thriller fiction will keep you up all night

The Firm

by John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller Fiction

846 Amazon customer reviews. Average rating - 4.6 Stars

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‘When Mitch McDeere signed on with Bendini, Lambert & Locke of Memphis, he thought that he and his beautiful wife, Abby, were on their way. The firm leased him a BMW, paid off his school loans, arranged a mortgage, and hired the McDeeres a decorator. Mitch should have remembered what his brother Ray–doing fifteen years in a Tennessee jail–already knew: You never get nothing for nothing. Now the FBI has the lowdown on Mitch’s firm and needs his help. Mitch is caught between a rock and a hard place, with no choice–if he wants to live.’ - Amazon


I enjoy Grisham's books because they are entertaining, easy to read and suspenseful. Sometimes he could add a little more humour and depth to the characters. But the stories are fun and fast paced. The Firm is my favourite Grisham novel. One of those unputdownable books. A roller coaster ride from start to finish, I found myself rushing through it to make sure Mitch, Ray and Abby escaped the clutches of the Mob safely. I always read the novel before I watch the movie. And very rarely read the novel after I’ve watched the movie. Movies don’t always do novels justice, and it’s a habit I got into in my youth. But I enjoyed the romp with a young Tom Cruise in the lead. And this is a film which captures the story and thrill of the book. The differences in the book and the movie work well for both. Don't take it too seriously, just enjoy the ride. It is fiction after all. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Read more about The Firm and get it at Amazon

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