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This Fast-paced Legal Thriller Fiction will entertain you till the end



By John Grisham

Genre: Legal Thriller Fiction

2152 Amazon customer reviews. Average rating - 4.5 Stars

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‘In a plush Virginia office, a rich, angry old man is furiously rewriting his will. With his death just hours away, Troy Phelan wants to send a message to his children, his ex-wives, and his minions—a message that will touch off a vicious legal battle and transform dozens of lives. Because Troy Phelan’s new will names a sole surprise heir to his eleven-billion-dollar fortune: a mysterious woman named Rachel Lane, a missionary living deep in the jungles of Brazil.

Enter the lawyers. Nate O’Riley is fresh out of rehab, a disgraced corporate attorney handpicked for his last job: to find Rachel Lane at any cost. As Phelan’s family circles like vultures in D.C., Nate goes crashing through the Brazilian jungle, entering a world where money means nothing, where death is just one misstep away, and where a woman—pursued by enemies and friends alike—holds a stunning surprise of her own.’ – Amazon.


I've read ten of Grisham's books and The Testament was one of the best. I loved the pace, which barely slackened, but left enough time for reflection at every important phase before moving on. Typical Grisham legal thriller fiction at its best, it was easy-to-read and follow. Only slowed a bit in the first jungle scene. The contrasting South American jungle and courtroom scenes in North America were well constructed. Grisham creates suspense by settling an estate involving a ruthless family and an alcoholic protagonist. The intensity gave me a new understanding of a shocking affliction which affects so many people. Many novels peter out, but this one is a testament to the author's ability to keep you dangling until the end. Great stuff Mr. Grisham. I’m ready for the next one.

Read more about The Testament and get it at Amazon

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