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An irrepressible Actor’s Autobiography that will inspire you

The Fry Chronicles

by Stephen Fry

Genre: Actor's Autobiography

122 Amazon customer reviews. Average rating - 4.0 Stars

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“But when he arrived at Cambridge he was a convicted thief, an addict, and a failed suicide, convinced that he would be expelled. Instead, university life offered him love and the chance to entertain. He befriended bright young things like Hugh Laurie, now the star of House, and Emma Thompson. This is the hilarious and utterly compelling story of how the Stephen the world knows (or thinks it knows) took his first steps in the worlds of theater, radio, television, and film. Tales of scandal and champagne jostle with insights into hard-earned stardom. The Fry Chronicles is not afraid to confront the chasm that separates public image from private feeling, and it is marvelously rich in trademark wit and verbal brilliance.” – Amazon.


Stephen Fry, the oft times eccentric genius commands the English language like a latter-day Napoleon would command his army. He readily admits to loving the "luxurious profusion of words and the mad scatter and confusion of them too". His literary skills are unparalleled, and he displays them wonderfully in this actor’s autobiography. Never one to worry about verbosity or let it get the better of him. He uses as many words as it takes to paint the picture extravagantly. Pruning and paring are anathema to Stephen. He embellishes his writing in a plethora of words without breaking sweat; re-inventing the English dictionary on the way. He will possibly have ten or more suitable descriptive words queuing on the tip of his tongue ready to leap onto the page at his command. Stephen paints a colorful, frank and uncompromising picture of his early, sometimes tormented boyhood. He is brutally honest about his inhibitions, sexuality and lack of self-confidence. Despite this he has driven himself and pushed boundaries to entertain and enrich our lives. He is an inspiration to us all.

I love this quote from Sascot, an Amazon reviewer. ‘He might ramble on a bit - nay, he does ramble on a bit - about the state of theatre in Cambridge but quick as a flash, there in one paragraph, he mentions when he "came out" as a gay man to his parents. Easily missed, the precision of the statement with his mother and father's wonderful responses will stay with me forever. What I love about Stephen Fry is that he is...........Stephen Fry. Candid, funny, erudite, this book enables us to learn more about one of the most entertaining and interesting artists of our time.’

Read more about The Fry Chronicles and get it at Amazon

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