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One of the best Romantic Fiction stories you'll read to the end

A Place in the World

by Cinda Crabbe MacKinnon

Genre: Romantic Fiction

39 Amazon customer reviews. Average rating - 4.5 Stars

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"The story of a young woman with no home and little connection to family. Alicia has lived all over the world, especially South America. She follows her Colombian boyfriend Jorge, to his country. Becomes part of the Carvallo coffee farm and, after a series of calamities, ends up running it alone. In the midst of this familial and romantic fiction drama are many compelling, detailed descriptions of the rain-forest. Mackinnon brings to life the forest's flora and fauna, the wildlife, and the tribal people. Meticulous detail and knowledge of the locale bring a unique richness to the novel."


I have walked through the valleys and rice farms of Northern Thailand, along the canals and waterways that irrigate the land and through the forests windy paths. Along the way composing poems or capturing photos of amazing landscapes and the abundant wild flowers. And then suddenly I am transported from tropical Southeast Asia, for a few dollars only, to a place in the world I never imagined I would see. A magical experience full of romantic characters, exotic locations, magnificent scenery and a rich natural way of life greeted me. Romantic fiction stories are not on the bookshelves I normally gravitate to. But when I find a good one, or one finds me, I thoroughly enjoy it. Especially when it is written as beautifully as Cinda MacKinnon has crafted A Place in the World. The story flows softly and gently, the character interplay is both natural and meaningful and the detail of the habitat compliments throughout. I was there for a few of weeks, enjoying every word and was disappointed when it ended and I had to return to my world. But I was happy for Alicia, that her ordeal in the jungle woke her up and gave her the strength to take the next step on her journey. I would have given 6 stars but apparently it’s not allowed. Press ‘Buy now with one click.’ I promise you won’t regret it.

Read more about A Place in the World and get it at Amazon

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