• James King

A Literary Fiction Thriller that will make you think twice

House of Vipers

by James King

Genre: Literary Fiction Thriller - Novel

New Amazon Release. June 5th 2020

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Literary Fiction Thriller

On Friday 5th June, the Kindle version of the second novel in the Alfie Goes To Thailand series - House of Vipers – was released by Amazon. The Paperback version of the thriller was released two weeks earlier when encouraging reviews started to appear on first Goodreads, then Amazon.

Challenges Thai Culture

When I wrote the book, I was mindful of the challenges it posed, particularly in dealing with sensitive issues around Thai culture. But I tackled it head on, as I wanted you to feel how, when things aren’t rosy in the land of smiles, they can become thorny and most unpleasant in the extreme. And Alfie’s struggles become a whirlwind of horrors which unfold chapter after chapter in the second novel of the series.

The Human Condition

In the poor, hot and dusty North-East of Thailand Alfie Mynn, has all but finished building a house for his partner Nin. But will her mother’s evil plot bring the family down. Can Mother use her daughter’s misplaced loyalty and the law, to ruin Nin and Alfie? The worst and the best elements of the human condition are reflected in the characters. There is loads of action and I want you to feel it and be shocked by the lengths that some people will go to get their way.

Can Alfie save himself or is it too late?

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I really hope you like it, as I carry on writing to finish the series.

Goodreads reviewers inspire me to write on

I am riveted by the brutal honesty of HOUSE OF VIPERS. This is a very brutal time in Alfie's life just when he had high hopes for a relationship. I have learned so much about some people's nature, lying, cheating, hustling and dangerous. I'm surprised Alfie is even alive. This eBook is well written with terrifying events I would not wish on my worst enemy. -RHONDA.
This is book 4 of the Alfie Goes to Thailand series. I love this series. Book 4 did not disappoint. The storyline flows well with a great plot that is well written. The characters are well written as well and well developed. James king is a wonderful author and one of my favorites. I would recommend reading this series. - HEATHER.

Read more about House of Vipers and get it here

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