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How is Alfie getting on?

The First Novel in the Alfie Goes to Thailand series - Post it Notes has been approved by Amazon and the book is now available in eBook and Paperback versions.

Alfie’s had a whirlwind 100 days in Thailand and is now back in South Africa trying to save his business following the collapse of the world’s banking system.

Read Skytube and find out how he is getting on.

While Alfie is sorting things out, I’m in the final stages of completing House of Vipers, the second novel in the series. Without giving anything away, this one is bordering on psychological horror.

The Second Novel

A daughter’s loyalty. An evil plot. A mother’s cruelty brings the family down.

North-East Thailand, 2009 - Alfie Mynn, a South African businessman, has all but finished building a house for his partner Nin, her mother sues her. Alfie has days to avoid losing the house and the land it stands on. Failure will result in ruin for him and Nin.

The law is on Mother's side, and when she disowns Nin, she must rely on the man her family try to rob. Alfie sets out to show her how, with love and loyalty, they can build a life together, without her dysfunctional family.

Can the couple save themselves or is it too late?

I am reluctant to say it, but excited, as I think I am bang on schedule to publish around end April.

The Third Novel

I am undecided on the title of the third novel. The other two came quite easily. All I need is a flash of inspiration.

If all goes well the series should be completed and published before the end of September.

However, there may be a surprise in store, as I have an idea for a bookend novella in the incubator.

We’ll see.


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