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Trilogy Series BOOK LAUNCH - 'Alfie goes to Thailand'

Re-organising websites for my new Trilogy Series book launch.

I needed a break from writing to work on re-organising the James King websites, in preparation for the launch of my new Trilogy Series of novels – ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND. I’ve tried to make it as seamless as possible, but there have been a few technical problems I have had to fix. Cleaning up and fixing SEO is time consuming. It was harder to explain to a tekky what I needed, than do it myself. I had to get the sites as I wanted them before using experts in any capacity. Otherwise I will burn a truck-load of cash. There are no short-cuts folks. Thanks for your patience.

Alfie goes to Thailand - a new Trilogy Series of novels

The first book, POST-IT NOTES finds Alfie piecing his life together after an acrimonious divorce. He ends up in a place in the world where no-one knows him. Then he tries to work out why he is so depressed after his third wife set him free from her domineering ways.

If you like thought-provoking drama, psychological romance, and damaged characters, then you’ll love the tropical sauna and wry humour of POST-IT NOTES and the rest of the trilogy series that follows. Alfie’s adventures hot up, as a conniving Mother and her wicked daughters, plot his downfall. The dangers are exacerbated by crooked builders and rogue property traders, exposing him to a hair-raising ride through Thailand. You can read the first chapter of POST-IT NOTES at the end of THE ONLY WITNESS, the short story that leads into the series.

FREE Books

Go to the Home page and pick up a FREE copy of Book 1 – THE ONLY WITNESS – a short story which leads into the trilogy series. Or get the E-book on this website first, before the big boys at Amazon, get it.

Keeping you posted

If you pick up THE ONLY WITNESS or subscribe to Follow me first, you’ll be notified by email. You’ll follow me throughout the launch of the new trilogy Series - ALFIE GOES TO THAILAND and the second series planned for publication within the next twelve months.

Before each book is published you will be able to view a sneak preview of the opening chapter.


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