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House of Vipers Epilogue leads to the Series Finale

Sticks and Stones

by James King

Genre: Thriller & Suspense Literary Fiction – Epilogue, Short Story

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He’s heard of abusive relationships. But he never expected this. It could be a narrow squeak.

Alfie’s mood is black, bordering on suicidal. He’s never been treated with such disrespect. A less balanced person would have fled the country. Riddled with bitterness and memories of the empty wine bottles, visions of the post-it-notes on the fridge door, come rushing back. Dazed and confused, he fears for his sanity. He must get away from Nin and away from himself.

So, he plans a journey of recovery by discovery, that will take him to new parts of Thailand.

Will he see things clearer when makes his escape? How long will it take? Will he recover?


Sticks and Stones highlights the clear case of abuse as the victim prepares himself for a journey of recovery by discovery. The journey will either bury him in his misery or raise him up from the ashes to challenge himself again and build a new life.

All will be revealed in the final novel - A Million Roman Candles.

Get the book FREE here at Amazon


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