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Top 5 – Best New Romance Novels

This list comprises FIVE of the best new romance novels we recommend as well worth reading. All romance novels will have a love story, and the focus of the story will be lovers in conflict. The struggle to make their relationship work should lead to an ending which will satisfy the reader whether it be happy or sad. These 5 books meet that criteria and more.

Romance readers

According to Romance Writers of America , younger readers read more young adult, erotic, and paranormal romance and less contemporary romance than older readers. And romance readers are typically female (80%) with an average age of 37. The most popular sub-genres are suspense, erotic, and historical. But you will find Romance everywhere. And contrary to popular belief, romance in the broadest sense, crosses a multitude of genres. You will be hard pressed to find a thriller or even a horror story without an element of romance. And that is logical because stories are about people, and most of us experience romance at some point in our lives.

1. Fix Her Up

Author - Tessa Bailey

Published - June 2019.

195 Amazon customer reviews – average 4.4 Stars.

Fix her up is the first of our chosen best new romance novels, but don’t take our word. An amazing 90% of reviewers gave this romantic comedy 4 or 5 stars.

“Bailey creates fireworks in this steamy novel as Georgie and Travis quickly break their own rules about their fake relationship. The story moves fluidly from one situation to the next, with lots of hot sex in between, and Bailey will keep readers on their toes as the “couple” starts to realize this might be the real thing. Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Helena Hunting.” - Booklist

‘Best romance of 2019? Probably. Holy moly, friends, Fix Her Up blew me and every expectation I had out of the water. I will say, don’t let the *cute* cover fool you, this book has many explicit sex scenes, but it was some of the best sex, and best dirty talk, I’ve ever read in my entire life.’ Verified Amazon purchaser, Melanie Parker.

2. A Merciful Fate

Author - Kendra Elliot

Published - Jan 2019.

334 Amazon customer reviews – average 4.8 Stars.

The opening line made me read on. - ‘Mercy held her breath and stepped back as they dragged the bleeding man past her’…

FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick disappears into the winter hills, as something foreboding emerges. Mercy’s fiancé, Eagle’s Nest police chief Truman Daly, is faced with a puzzling series of murders—three men dumped in random locations after execution-style shootings. Mercy is trapped in a culture where suspicion is second nature, and betrayal is punishable to the extreme. There is no way out and no way to call for help. As plans for a catastrophic terrorist event escalate, there may be no way to stop them. Even if Mercy dies trying.

Kendra Elliot has sold over 7 million books and hit the Wall Street Journal top ten bestseller list nine times. When it comes to Mystery and Suspense Romance, Kendra is ranked #1 by Amazon and a whopping 95% of reviewers have given her new romance novel, ‘A Merciful Fate’ 4 or 5 Stars.

‘WOW! Mercy goes out with a bang. This is a fast-paced nerve-wracking action adventure that shows us just how very far Mercy has grown and thank goodness she has something to live for, to keep going for because she will be tested. This is an exciting finale to a fantastic series and I for one will miss Mercy and Truman.’ D. Antonio – Amazon verified purchaser.

3. The Stationery Shop

Author - Marjan Kamali

Published - June 2019.

51 Amazon customer reviews – average 4.5 Stars.

From the award-winning author of ‘Together Tea’ comes a beautifully written love story interwoven with middle eastern history. This book is both informative and poignant. 94% of reviewers have given Marjan Kamali’s new romance novel, ‘The Stationery Shop’, 4 or 5 Stars.

I love the story opening - “I made an appointment to see him.” She said it as if she were seeing a dentist or a therapist…

It’s 1953, on the eve of their marriage, Roya agrees to meet Bahman at the town square, when violence erupts. The coup d’etat forever changes Iran’s future. Bahman does not turn up and a heart-broken Roya tries to contact him, without success. She is sure she will not see him again.

More than sixty years passed, when an accident of fate leads her to Bahman and she asks the questions that have haunted her over years. Why did he leave? Where did he go? How could he forget her?

‘I’ve been waiting for Marjan Kamali’s next book ever since I read Together Tea. And The Stationary Stop was well worth the wait! The richly realized characters and evocative descriptions pulled me in immediately, and I couldn’t help but rail at the vagaries of fate that kept Roya and Bahman apart. Their story broke my heart yet left me strangely full of hope. A stunningly beautiful read.’ Tasneem – Verified Amazon purchaser.

4. Wolf Rain

Author - Nalini Singh

Published - June 2019.

198 Amazon customer reviews – average 4.8 Stars.

From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Psy-Changeling, Guild Hunter, and Rock Kiss series comes a Paranormal Ghost Romance novel.

"Another Psy/Changeling page-turner from the brilliant Singh."-Kirkus Reviews.

97% of reviewers have given Nalini Singh’s new romance novel, ‘Wolf Rain’, 4 or 5 Stars.

‘Excellent. Just Excellent.
Nalini Singh never disappoints. This is an amazing joyful action-packed romance. The world building is off the hook which is stunning this deep into a series. I am so excited each time a new book comes out. I read it right away. I love this universe and I love these characters.
In Wolf Rain, we get Alexie and Memory. We get a wolf dealing with genetics that may make it impossible to have a mate and Memory is finding her own strength and her talent.
Watching them falling in like and love is a delight. Sexy too. So sexy. There is such heat and connection between them.’
Cat of Cat's Books: Romance Blog and Themepark – Verified Amazon purchaser.

5. What the Wind Knows

Author - Amy Harmon

Published - March 2019.

2965 Amazon customer reviews – average 4.8 Stars

An Amazon Charts, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post bestseller.

In an unforgettable love story, a woman’s impossible journey through the ages could change everything…

Anne Gallagher grew up enchanted by her grandfather’s stories of Ireland. Heartbroken at his death, she travels to his childhood home to spread his ashes. There, overcome with memories of the man she adored and consumed by a history she never knew, she is pulled into another time.

95% of reviewers have given Amy Harmon’s new historical romance novel, ‘What the Wind Knows’, 4 or 5 Stars.

‘This was such a special read... so much more than an exquisite romance... Amy Harmon has weaved a tale intertwining past and present Ireland, mixing historical facts with ordinary people’s lives. It is also a love letter about her ancestors' homeland and the incredible bond of family through the ages.
Thomas and Anne were clearly destined soulmates. The feelings they have for each other were utterly divine. ‘What the Wind Knows’ uses a mix of fictional characters and real historical figures, the reader is given a gripping glimpse of what it would have been like living in such severe times in Ireland in the early 1920’s.’
NicShef– Top 100 Amazon reviewer.


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