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Mysteries Your Mother Never Told- Free Book Giveaways

A Great Three Month - MYSTERY and OTHER FICTION - Book Giveaway has started.

Grab some fantastic fiction for free today! Download as many of the books on this list as you like, and enjoy them at no charge.

1 January to 31st March

FREE BOOK GIVEAWAYS from a variety of authors.

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Cozy, Detective, or Amateur Sleuth - contemporary or fantasy - these six short stories will keep you guessing right up to their quick end.

Mysteries come in many forms, and in many locations. Here we have contemporary, dystopian, and paranormal venues so you can immerse yourself from the first sentence in each of these short stories.

- A ghost who has to arrange her own scene-reenactment just to find out how she died. - How a writer helps a woman find out why she is so sad all the time - from a diner bar stool. - A private investigator assigned to find out the secret of nurses who can cure the incurable - but then becomes a patient when he breaks quarantine to save another's life. - A detective who is ordered not to solve a perfect death...


A handyman shoots and kills teenager stealing apples from his orchard in 1958. He says it was an accident. Convicted, he’d normally get three years in prison.

He’s charged with murder from ‘base motives” with “evil intent.” That charge carries 10 years. But the judge has another punishment in mind.

What’s going on here? That’s a moral, not a legal charge. Is it an over-zealous judge or a Kremlin-ordered Stalinist show trial? Does the prosecutor want to get a career victory? Is it jurisprudential collusion or madness? The accused could get the death penalty in this deadly game.

Click here to Claim your complimentary eBooks NOW.

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