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However you landed here, I am delighted you did.

IIf you are interested in Thriller series - Receiving a weekly supply of books - or Reading about Environment and Human Rights issues on my Arts and Humanities Blog, you landed in the right place.


You can start by grabbing a copy of INVISIBLE ENEMY in any format you wish

Its a Mystery Thriller and No-one knows the answer

Suicide or Murder? – The Life of a Child hangs in the balance - The Verdict Uncertain 


A psychological thriller – Short Story - that will change the way you look at humankind. It’s 2021 and the world is paralysed by Covid-19. The invisible microscopic organism looks on, astonished at Man’s inability to solve his problems.


Commissaire Pascal de Gaulle is focused on other pressing matters, when a man falls to his death in the centre of Paris, carrying a secret. De Gaulle discovers the Drug Squad, a syndicate of drug traffickers, and the virus itself are all part of the puzzle he must solve. Is it suicide or is it murder? 


Do not read Invisible Enemy if you don’t like puzzles. But if you are a Dan Brown fan or you like Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train - you will love this nail-biter.

Goodreads Review
Wow, this story really brings the Corona family close to home, I love the way this book is written, the virus as a person and how true the comments seem to be. James King's imagination is top-notch... Tom Casey

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