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The opposite of life isn't death; it's something far worse.

In an anarcho-capitalist future, space-based corporate settlements have replaced the State. Colonel John Alvarez, a fifteen-year veteran, is unwilling to waste more years leading missions into deep space. He wants to start over and make a new life with his wife and son.

But when a distress message from a distant research probe is received, Novos Corp reactivates Alvarez's contract. He must carry out one last mission, a rescue attempt. Unknown to Alvarez, however, is the hidden threat that awaits him, one that—if he cannot stop it—will doom humanity to a fate worse than death.

Paul Sating is a horror, thriller, and fantasy author and audio dramatist who spends most of his time traveling the Pacific Northwest in search of elusive monsters everyone claims aren't real.

The creator of Subject: Found, Who Killed Julie, Crown of Thieves, and Diary of a Madman audio dramas, Paul began adapting many of those scripts to novel form and published his first three books in 2018.

He stays grounded by rooting for bad soccer teams, traveling around the beautiful corner of the world he calls home, and spending every moment he can with his wife and two daughters.

You can find out more about Paul, his books, and his podcasts at paulsating.com

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