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Cilari has been chosen to be the next Noble Mother of the Ganeh. Her life will be to serve the Allmother and be the spiritual leader of the Ganeh. But when she falls in love with Luka the future of the Ganeh becomes unclear. Will Cilari be able to combine her love and the tradition she must continue? And is Luka what he seems to be? Why is he so willing to give up the Ganeh traditions? Has Cilari made a mistake trusting him? Find out in Cilari of the Ganeh!

Scrubby, hidden weeds snatched at their clothes like hands. No further, they whispered, go back.

Ornithologists Danielle Wright and Luca Navarro are trying to save the Caddo Lake wetlands from an oil pipeline. Local boat tour guide Harper Benoit is trying to save her family business from collapse. None of them know that there’s something much deadlier on the horizon. Not yet.

When the swamp starts drying up, and people start going missing, the three women must find the source and stop it before a sinister force consumes everything — but getting too close to it might cost them their lives.

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