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In these troubled times, some of us will have more time. Time we may use in different ways. We might do jobs in the home, meditate and even read more books.

I hope my links to add to your reading library help you to relax a little and take your mind off our problems.

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Tethered follows two sisters, Willow and Raine Viviers along side two rogue FBI brothers on what seems like an impossible task to solving a dead end case. With no leads, and a corrupt government cover up, their time is running out to stop the spread of a Serial Killer Cult before another victim is claimed. But they have a secret weapon...

After a celebrity suffers a big crime in a small town, Hollywood pressure sets in for immediate answers. As clues disappear, and detectives suffer the media's wrath, a sudden surveillance tape reveals a possible eye-witness to the whole crime. But their teenage native, Dedra Kare, has just one problem: retrograde amnesia. With a medical remedy to unlock it all, detectives suffer the extra mystery as to why her parents are refusing to give consent. What does Dedra not know that she possibly could? And will she ever, as a teenager? Is she somehow involved in the actual crime? And would leaking her potential make Dedra a target for someone else determined to silence her memory for good? With her hidden yearbook, a missing autograph, and her tricky little sister, it's an unfamiliar race down memory lane with the traffic of mystery. Experience the shortcuts of insistence from sidekicks to pranksters to worse. But as justice becomes impatient, and family demands loyalty, Dedra faces a memorable dilemma: should she move past the past, explore it fully, or 'remember to forget.'

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