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September 1939 – Returning home to Manhattan for the High Holidays fifteen-year-old David Rosenbaum can’t help but notice the changes in his childhood friend, Kathleen O’Dell. David finds himself torn between his growing affection for Kathleen and his certainty that his parents would never approve of a relationship with a Catholic girl.

Troubled when he overhears an altercation between Kathleen and her mother, his family’s maid, David follows Kathleen to a shop owned by one of his father’s oldest friends. What transpires next will change everything. When Pearl Harbor is bombed and America enters the war the ramifications of the decisions made that day will be felt, not only by Kathleen and David but by their families for generation

He took an oath to kill… …but prophecies don’t die.

Godwin is many things. Demon-slayer. Assassin. Star-cursed. But he’s no traitor. That is, until the Sages put him in an impossible situation.

After being assigned to slay an unlikely target, he embarks on a quest to find answers—and he’ll take on every demon in Gaellos until he gets them. The only problem is there’s more than demons in his way.

The Empire is out for a second chance to conquer his home. The shifting of the stars heralds new magic—some of which is very suitable to things better left in the dark.

And when a prophecy as old as the gods unfolds, Godwin learns what’s truly important to him—and what he’ll have to sacrifice to protect it.

Swords will dance and nations will tremble!

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